We have all experienced losses in our lives. Healing from a loss takes time. When difficult situations arise, we need to learn how to face them, and be able to grieve. Whether it’s the loss of a friend or relative, the loss of a pet, or even a worldly loss such as the loss of financial security, we’re here to help.


We can all agree that loss is an inevitable part of life; and the grieving process (as difficult and painful as it is), can be a beautiful opportunity to grow.


We are here to help ease your pain. Providing you with universal understanding of SOURCE will undoubtedly provide relief. We will share our Spiritual perspective, and help you to take proactive steps to face your losses. Communication with SOURCE is an imperative step in your healing journey.


Often, those we have worked with acquire skills to share with others dealing with loss. In this way, our healing strategies become contagious and beneficial to all humanity.