Do you constantly feel tired or depressed in a certain space or even in your home? Do you feel spiritually under attack? Have you developed strange illnesses that go diagnosed by doctors? Have you heard strange sounds or seen weird shadows or entities? Is there a heavy or daunting feeling of dread in this space? Have you suffered weird accidents within the space? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you may have an entity or energy that needs to be removed.


Energetically, everything that happens in a home or space expands outward in a ripple pattern. Just as a stone that’s dropped in a pond. That energy is recorded in walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other objects in the space. It becomes imprinted into the very fabric and structure of the space. Repetitive actions and behaviors are deeply imprinted, and events accompanied by strong emotions or trauma are the strongest energies. If you’ve ever had the experience of walking into a room after there has just been an argument, you know that you can literally feel it hanging in the air. People sometimes say, “You could have cut the tension with a knife!” meaning that the atmosphere was so dense it was as if the argument were physically tangible.


We can help clear these spaces of all negative energies and entities and teach you how to maintain a safe and clear environment. This clearing can improve health, mood, relationships and spirituality. These energies will not leave on their own. In fact, the negative results of a non cleared space may actually become worse over time. Whether you need an immediate treatment or want a clearing as a precautionary tactic, we’re here to help.